Draeger Interlock 7000 Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device

The Draeger Interlock 7000 is an alcohol ignition interlock device (IID) which prevents a person under the influence of alcohol from starting the vehicle. The Interlock 7000 has a quick start-up time. Additionally, the device can be equipped with a camera, a GPS and/or a mobile data transfer module, according to the specific customer requirements.

  • Reliable prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Quick operational readiness
  • Easy operation of the alcohol interlock
  • Safe data handling
  • Mobile data transfer module
  • Reliable measurement
An Interlock 7000 is a car breathalyzer, which can be used preventively in public transportation, freight transport and at workplace to reduce the risk of drink-driving. The Interlock 7000 is also used in many countries for legal measures, as part of the “drink-driving offender programs (DUI/DWI)”. In these countries, offenders who were caught with a blood alcohol level over a certain limit have to use an Interlock device in their cars. Reliable results, tamper-proof data recording and data management play a key role in these programs.
Measuring principle Electrochemical sensor
Ambient conditions for operation Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Readiness for use <5 sec. (above 0 °C)rn<60 sec. (at -20 °C)rn<110 sec. (at -40 °C)
Display Graphic colour display in handset with full text messages
Calibration interval typically 12 months
Data logger n the control unit, for up to 500,000 events
Dimensions (H x W x D) Handset approx. 138 mm x 61 mm x 36 mmrnControl unit approx. 148 mm x 90 mm x 32 mm
Weight Handset approx. 178 grnControl unit approx. 240 g
Power supply 12 V to 24 V
Switch relay for the starter relay line <16 A continuous, <40 A peak,rnoutput relay may switch up to 48 V
Power consumption <2,5 A maximum, <1 mA stand-by
Approvals General German Operating Permission (AllgemeinernBetriebserlaubnis Deutschland);rnEN 50436-1:2014, EN 50436-2:2014, EN 50436-6:2015, E1 mark,rnECE Regulation No. 10, NHTSA:2013, AS 3547 Type 4,rnCSA Z627-16, CSTTHVC-TR- 114
Data transfer Infrared interface, Bluetooth

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