Services That We Offer

You entrust our products with the safety of your employees and systems. That is why Ahjar Services ensure that they are always working properly with services which maintain the value of your investment, minimize downtime and support the efficiency of your processes. We not only know our products; we also know how you use them at work. So, we develop individual service solutions which are tailored to meet your requirements.

Value-Enhancing Measures

One has to be able to rely on safety technology – during the course of everyday operations as well as in critical situations. Care, servicing and maintenance are key factors in this regard – whether you are dealing with a gas measurement device, a respirator or a complete gas warning system. Diligent maintenance and care is also absolutely necessary from an economics perspective.

Preventative checks, service procedures and original replacement parts make your investment last longer. The dependable operation of your equipment leads to greater productivity and planning reliability. This, however, has associated costs and requires know-how. Finding a cost-effective solution for the required investments is key and we can take care of this work for you to your exact specifications.

We offer a wide range of contract options, from basic maintenance agreements to full service packages or special offers for individual product groups such as gas measurement devices. Our services include:

Calibration Of Portable Gas Detectors

Fire And Gas Mapping

Cylinder Hydro Testing

Installation and Commissioning of Fixed Gas Detectors

Maintenance And Testing Of SCBA