Draeger Alcotest 5000 Alcohol Screening Device

The Draeger Alcotest 5000 is a professional, non-contact, alcohol measuring device that detects the presence of alcohol. The fast breathalyser allows up to 12 checks in a minute. Its special funnel reduces back flowing air to a minimum and thus avoids the risk of possible infections of the following persons.

  • Maximum control in minimum time with our fastest ever breathalyser
  • High-precision rapid alcohol testing with hygienic funnel design
  • Alcohol testing with simple operation and convenient oversigh
  • Breath-alcohol testing at a distance
  • Innovation born out of tradition
The Draeger Alcotest 5000 is a Non-contact test device for e.g. police and workplace applications. It is based on the high efficient electrochemical Draeger sensor technology, which measures the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air in seconds. The test persons blow into the funnel on top of the device while keeping a short distance – so without contact to the device. The Draeger Alcotest 5000 is designed to test high number of persons in a very short time.
Measuring range 0 to 0.029 mg/Lrn→ “Tick mark” symbol on the display screen means “No Alcohol Detected”, visually supported by a green LED.rnFrom 0.030 mg/Lrn→ “X” symbol on the display screen means “Alcohol Detected”, visually supported by a red LED.rnFrom 2.5 mg/L → Measuring range exceeded (↑↑↑)
Standard sampling Sampling starts automatically when the minimum volume or predefined blowing time is reached. Passive sampling can be done with or without a funnel. Sampling can be triggered manually while the test subject blows into the funnel.
Start-up time Ready to use approx. 4 sec. after switching on
Ready for use Approx. 2 s after powering up
Display of test results After approx. 2 sec. (at 0 to 0.029 mg/L);rnafter approx. 6 sec. (at e.g. 0.5 mg/L, at room temperature).)
Measurement basis Electrochemical DrägerSensor®, alchohol-specific
Display > Graphic LCD display with backlightrn32 x 22 mm (128 x 64 pixel)
LEDs Two-colours, for supporting test results and warning messages on the display
Acoustic signals > Various signal tones for supporting display and warning messages
Memory Stores the latest 500 test resultsrnwith test number, date and time
Energy supply 3x AA batteries, charge status shown on display;rnwith the battery life from 3x AA batteries,rnmore than 5,000 tests can be performed.
Funnel intake Click adapter for funnel
Funnel Hygienic, individually packaged with air outlets for minimising back-flow of expired air
Operating design Test functions are started with the “OK” button; two arrow buttons are used to navigate through the menu
Calibration Wet- or dry-gas calibration with the Alcotest 5000 calibration adapter
Exterior Impact-proof ABS/PC
Impact-proof ABS/PC Approx. 63 x 219 x 41 mm; approx. 245 g incl. funnel and batteries
Vibration and impact resistance EN 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-6; EN 60068-2-64
CE marking EMC Directive
Standards Contactless breath-alcohol testing devices are currently not subject to any standards
Internal clock Warning 30 days before service interval expires
Service interva 24 months
Operating temperature -15 °C to +50 °C
Air humidity 10 to 100 % relative humidity (not condensed and in operation)
Ambient pressure 600 to 1,300 hPa

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