Draeger Air Quality Test Tubes

By using the Draeger Aerotest Simultan HP, the quality of the breathing air from a compressor or a compressed air cylinder can be tested. The application of the test system ensures the reliable testing in accordance with the purification standard EN 12 021.
The Draeger Aerotest Simultan HP enables the quantitative detection of various potentially harmful substances, e.g. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oil in dispersing compressed air. The values can either be determined individually or simultaneously.

  • Results are directly shown at the end of the measurement process
  • Short measurement time: between 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Quick and targeted measurements
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible use
• Measurements of compressed air / compressed gases • The measuring instrument can be connected to the high-pressure air network. It takes five minutes until the Aerotest displays an indication about the degree of contamination of the filled breathing air.
Carbon dioxide 100/a-P Range – 100 to 3000 ppm Part Number – 67 28 521
Carbon monoxide 5/a-p Range – 5 to 150 ppm Part Number – 67 28 511
Water Vapour 20/a-P Range – 20 – 100 mg/m3 Part Number – 8103061
Oil-Impactor Part Number – 8103560

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